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Tasación On-line de Viviendas - Stima Stima es una tasación online para una vivienda desde solo 8€. A diferencia de otras herramientas disponibles en el mercado, que utilizan datos procedentes de oferta de compraventa de viviendas, Stima y Stima Premium emplean datos reales de tasaciones de Tinsa, por lo que la valoración estadística o tasación online se ajusta de forma más veraz al valor de mercado. El modelo estadístico desarrollado por Tinsa garantiza la máxima calidad del informe de tasación online. 8.00 Tasación On-line de Viviendas - Stima

Property location

Enter the location of the property and make sure that it corresponds to the location on the map. Remember that you can move the marker and position it where appropriate.

You can drag the map marker to the exact location of the property.
Please, select the type of the property.
Please, write the surface built in square meters without decimals.
The surface must have a value between 25 m² and 250 m².
La superficie debe tener un valor entre 25 m² y 500 m².
Please select the year of construction of the property.
Cadastral Information
Constructed area
Year of construction
The plant must have a value between 1 and 50
The plant must have a value between 1 and 5
Please, write the plot on square meters without decimals.
The value of the plot must be between 0 m ² and 2500 m²
Please enter the number of years since the reform, without decimals.
The years since the reform can not be higher than the age of the home
Details to complete the report
Type of housing
Type of storey
Flat or floor number
Is it reformed?
Optional information
Type of report

Less than 1 minute

The Digital Tinsa application takes a minute to generate the automated valuations of your property.

Direct discount

Buying a Stima or Stima Premium, you will access direct discounts on other products.


Tinsa Digital's automated home appraisal tool is the only one on the market that relies on the large Spain real estate database.

What offer Stima?

Our automated housing valuation tool offers an approximation to the value of similar homes close to the one analyzed, including the level of confidence and the precision margin of the calculation, together with a list of the closest comparables consulted and their situation on the map.

What offer Stima Premium?

In addition to the Stima information you will receive the evolution of the price in the area and the distribution of residential park stretches of value and features of priced houses.

Leaders in automated valuations of housing

Since 2009, Tinsa Digital has carried out more than 9 million automated real estate appraisals for all types of clients: financial entities, developers, real estate agents, servicers, Big Data tools, investment funds, start-ups and individuals. Tinsa Digital is today a benchmark in the real estate market due to the high precision of its automated valuation tool, which is based on the large Spain real estate database.

  • Tinsa Digital has been the first Spanish company to be admitted to the European Group of companies that perform automated valuations European AVM Alliance with the highest standards of quality.
  • Stima integrates different calculation models to output the result that the highest level of confidence and precision. Also the models are reviewed and periodically calibrated by a specialized team of professionals.
  • We have the largest database of valuations in the sector, accumulated over more than 30 years of leadership. Database employing Stima boasts more than 800,000 residential real estate since 2009.
  • Important: Stima and Stima Premium automated valuations are not official appraisals nor should they be understood as an indication of the value that a mortgage valuation would yield. The value is calculated under the hypothesis of free housing. The calculation of value in homes affected by some type of protection in the price may not be representative.
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