Official appraisals

Now you can purchase your appraisal online for a mortgage guarantee, advisory purposes or for distribution of inheritances, starting at 170 €.

Online payment for offers

Now you can make online the payment of any of our services with your card, the fastest and fastest way to pay a budget.

Energy efficiency certifications

Purchase the energy efficiency certification and take advantage of the new flat rate for residential properties, commercial premises and offices, starting at 60 €.


Download full reportHousing in Spain increased by 3% on average in the second quarter, compared to 4.9% in the previous quarter and 5.8% in the fourth quarter of 2018. Among the big cities, the brake is noticeable in Barcelona, where, after years of significant increases, housing is only 1.6% more expensive than 12 months ago, after falling by 1.7% between the first and the second quarter.

Introducing ‘Mi casa’

Become a manager of your real estate with Tinsa. ‘Mi casa’ will inform you of the evolution of the price of your home once we valuate it and it will help you make decisions as, for example, by how much it could sell housing at one time, back to finance you or consider a new purchase. More information here

Tinsa - Mi casa

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