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The surface must have a value between 25 m² and 250 m².
La superficie debe tener un valor entre 25 m² y 500 m².
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Please, write the surface built in square meters without decimals.

15% off online

To know the cost of your valuation price simply enter the address of the property. In addition, you will benefit from a 15% discount only for buy it online.

Real time tracking

You can know the status of your order in real time from My Tinsa, your private area, and receive notifications in your email.


Our valuations are carried out under the Regulation 805/ECO/2003 and we are approved by the Bank of Spain with the number 4.313. You can use your valuation on all banks.

Why choose Tinsa?

Tinsa is the largest valuation company in Spain. We carry out more than 200,000 annual reports in Spain. One each 2 minutes. Our appraisals are accepted by all financial institutions and our technical network is the largest in the sector with more than 1,300 technical experts.

We will call you within approximate 24/48 hours

After completing the order an appraiser approved by Tinsa will contact you to arrange the visit to housing. The visit is mandatory and will take measurement, photos, check qualities and analyze the area.

Your valuation only in 3-5 days approximate

Between three and five days after receiving the visit of the appraiser in your home, you will send a report by e-mail and signed electronically, so you can go with him to all financial institutions.

What documentation do you need?

Our appraisals are performed under the ECO-805-2003 legislation that requires to comply with several conditions: the appraiser has to visit the property, make the plane taking the measurements of each room and make corresponding photographs, in the document of pricing must attach 6 witnesses of transactions or real offers in the area, identify the registry property that you are mortgaging is correct and corroborate the planning situation of the property to check that no illegality there is.
(*) Both the storage and the parking place will be in the same building where the property is located. In the event that they have different Scriptures owner must be the same as the housing. You can only specify a square of garage or storage room. If you need to include two garage spaces, call us at 913 72 75 00.

  • Cadastral reference of the property.
  • Simple registry note with less than 3 months of age, or copy of the deed of registered property. You can order it online directly on Tinsa by clicking here.
  • If the property is encumbered with any load (usufruct, right of use, purchase option, etc.), or suffer any limitation of a legal nature (VPO), the applicant shall inform the technician providing supporting documentation of this end.
  • If the property is leased or ceded the use to a third party, the applicant must submit a contract stating the conditions under which rent payments are leasing or cession, also contributing the last paid rent receipt.
  • Home plan (optional).

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