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  • See the estimated valuation of your home

    Remember that Stima uses only data from real appraisals performed by Tinsa based on the largest real estate market database.

    Buy now   €8
  • The most complete online home analysis on the market

    See the estimated value of your home, the price distribution in your area, and changes in the value per m2.

    Buy now   €18
  • Order your home valuation online

    Now you can order a valuation online for a mortgage, to help you with purchase or sale decisions, or to distribute an inheritance

    Buy now   desde 200€
  • Now you can enjoy our flat fee for up to 500m2

    The Energy Efficiency Certificate is mandatory for all properties sold, rented or marketed since 1 June 2013, according to Royal Decree 235/2013.

    Buy now   starting at €60
  • Save when you buy Stima and Stima Premium vouchers

    You can enjoy a special discount by ordering one of our voucher packages, according to your needs. Your Stima from just €5.20 when you buy a pack of 50 reports.

    Buy now   starting at €68
  • Solicita online la Nota Simple

    Ahora puedes solicitar online una nota simple y elegir entre recibirla urgente en 24 horas hábiles o sin urgencia entre 3-5 días laborales.

    Buy now   starting at €8,5
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