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Methodology and procedure

Tinsa is an expert in real estate valuations for all types of properties and purposes. The method and techniques employed depend on the purpose of the report and the type of asset being valued.

In the 30 years it has been operating, Tinsa has put together a strong team of certified professionals (architects, quantity surveyors, economists and technical engineers) capable of offering a comprehensive assessment service adapted to the needs of our clients.

Tinsa issues its valuation reports in compliance with the following national and international standards:

  • Order ECO/805/2003, of 27 March, on property appraisal regulations and certain rights for specific financial purposes. Mandatory regulations applicable in Spain for certain purposes.
  • International Valuation Standards: IVS 2013.
  • European Valuation Standards: EVS (Tegova).
  • RICS Standards, contained in the Red Book, ninth edition (January 2014) Tinsa has been certified by the Royal Chartered Surveyors (RICS) since 2011 and it works with a dedicated team of technicians and board members from this prestigious organisation.


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