Certify Legal - Knowing the legal and town planning situation

Certify Legal


Certify legal is a due diligence report on a residential property carried out specifically to help sell the property by making the transaction more secure by providing the interested parties with the necessary information to avoid charges or problematic situations that are potentially latent and therefore not easily detected by a non-expert.

The report lays out the main situation of the property being sold from legal, planning, building and energy-efficiency perspectives.

Different levels of assessment of Certify Legal are available depending on the client’s specific requirements.

Who is it for?

A property’s owners and agents
who need to quickly clear up any uncertainties concerning it

Domestic and foreign buyers
who do not require a mortgage or the appraisal backing it up. Before formalising the sale, they would like to know the status of the property in a tight time frame and with minimal administrative procedures.

CLIENT experiences

An individual residing in England received through an acquaintance an offer to buy a villa with excellent views, located among the privileged surroundings of the Mediterranean coast. It seemed like an opportunity to purchase an exceptional property. Before closing the deal, they contacted Tinsa to check if the property was correctly registered and if it was within the planning’s legal constraints.

The report drawn up by Tinsa stated that the plot on which the house stood was affected by the Coastal Act. The property was found to not comply with the ordinance and it had a planning infraction on file at the city hall.

The client realised that the supposed opportunity being offered was not that attractive.
Thanks to the qualified assessment by a firm with expertise in local regulations and markets, such as Tinsa, the client avoided a bad investment in time, one that would not have been easily recognised by a non-expert.

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