Leaders in property valuation and consultancy

Tinsa, with 30 years experience, is a leading multinational property valuation and consultancy company. Its client portfolio includes the vast majority of financial institutions in the countries in which it operates, companies operating in multiple sectors, Public Administrations and private individuals.

The company is approved for RICS certification and is a benchmark in ECO valuation. It also draws up reports under the international IVS and EVS standards, and for a variety of purposes: mortgages, expropriation, inheritance, advisory, taxation, etc. The 300,000 valuations performed yearly make it the largest company in the sector, with a market share stood at 30%. Its service offering is completed with Taxo Valoraciones, which specialises in the appraisal of personal property, tangibles and companies, and Tinsa Certify, which offers technical advisory services and is leader in issuing energy certifications.

Tinsa has 800 employees and an extensive network of 1,300 experts in Spain that assure the capillarity and depth of knowledge of the local markets in which it operates where it has over 20 delegations. The 5 million plus valuations that make up the Tinsa database are the starting point for drawing up periodic publications that are a true statistical reference on the property sector for entities at home and abroad.

The company has, in recent years, enhanced its internationalisation effort. Tinsa operates in over 25 countries with subsidiaries in Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and The Netherlands.

After a period tied to the Spanish Savings Banks Confederation (Confederación Española de las Cajas de Ahorros), Tinsa was acquired in 2010 by Advent International, who sold the company to the European private equity firm Cinven in 2016.

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