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The Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC) is mandatory for all properties sold, rented or marketed since 1 June 2013, according to Royal Decree 235/2013.

Now you can order it entirely online, starting at €60.

The procedure for issuing a certificate includes a review of the available documentation, a visit to the property and listing in the registry of the corresponding autonomous region.

After we receive your order, one of our specialists will call you at the phone number you provide within 24-48 working hours to arrange a visit to the property.

The technical report issued by Tinsa Certify SLU not only classifies the property’s energy consumption efficiency from A (the most efficient) to G (the least efficient), it also includes proposals for improving the variable characteristics of the property in order to reduce energy consumption. The measures proposed for the external shell and installations of the building often lead to considerable savings at a reasonable cost.

Certificación de Eficiencia Energética Texto aquí 60.00 Energy Efficiency Certificate

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¿Qué es un certificado energético?

Es un documento que indica el consumo de energía de un inmueble (como una casa, oficina o tienda) y su eficiencia en términos energéticos. Proporciona información importante que puede ayudarte a reducir tus gastos de energía y, por lo tanto, ahorrar dinero en tu factura de luz. Este certificado es útil para demostrar a posibles compradores o arrendatarios qué tan eficiente es un inmueble y cuánta energía consume. Además, el certificado proporciona consejos sobre cómo mejorar la eficiencia energética.

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Once the order is placed, a professional certifier will call you to arrange a visit and obtain your energy certificate.

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The energy certifier will visit your property and register the energy certificate in the corresponding autonomous community.

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Why do you need an energy efficiency certification?

The Energy Efficiency Certificate (CEE) is mandatory for all those properties that are sold, rented or commercialized since June 1, 2013, according to Royal Decree 235/2013.

Obtaining an energy certificate gives you the possibility of knowing the real energy expenditure of your property, which will help you to make the necessary improvements to improve efficiency.

Because you want to know the energy expenditure of the home you want to buy. An inefficient property requires a higher monthly expense and you may prefer to opt for a more efficient one. Obtaining the energy certificate will help you make better decisions

Why choose Tinsa to obtain the online energy efficiency certificate?

Tinsa Certify is a certification company of the Tinsa group. Tinsa Certify is one of the most important companies in the energy rating sector because we have made more than 60,000 energy certifications.

We cover 100% of the national territory thanks to the largest technical network in the sector with more than 1,300 technicians. All of them experts in energy certificates.

Information of interest to get the Energy Efficiency Certificate.

  • The technical report issued by Tinsa Certify S.L.U. not only determines the classification of the property through a letter between the A (the most efficient) and the G (the least efficient) based on its efficiency in energy consumption.It also includes proposals for improvement on variable characteristics of the property with the mission of reducing energy consumption. The proposed measures are in many cases important savings with reasonable investments.
  • The action procedure for the issuance of the certificate includes the review of the available documentation, the realization of a physical visit and the inscription in the registries of the corresponding Autonomous Community.

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