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Do you have a business operating under a license and wonder how much it could really be worth? Understanding the value of your goodwill is crucial to making informed decisions, especially at key moments such as transfers, sales or significant changes in the structure of your business.

This valuation is especially important for professionals or freelancers who declare their income by direct estimation, as it reflects the true economic capacity of their business, beyond the physical assets.

Discover the value of a licensable business

If your business is a pharmacy, a lottery administration, a tobacco shop or any other type regulated by licenses, it is essential to know its exact value.

This value does not only contemplate physical assets, but mainly intangible assets: goodwill, which is calculated based on the future cash flows that your activity can generate, following a solid business plan.

Who is the target audience?

Professionals and/or self-employed

If you manage or own a regulated business, understanding the value of your goodwill can be critical for your tax return and for planning future expansions or restructurings.

Pharmacies, tobacconists, gas stations, cabs...

For businesses that require specific licenses to operate, knowing the value of your goodwill helps you set fair prices on sales or transfers and handle negotiations with investors or partners.

Professional associations or groupings of related collectives

If you are part of a professional association or group, we offer valuation services that can help your members understand and optimize the value of their regulated business.

Financial entities

Banks and other financial institutions can benefit from our valuation reports to determine the viability and real value of the businesses they service or consider for investment.

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The Situation

A client inherited a pharmacy and needed to value the goodwill due to regulations requiring him to sell the license if he was not a registered pharmacist.

Our services

We issue a goodwill valuation report using a discounted cash flow methodology, adjusted to the economic data of the business and trends in the pharmaceutical sector.

The result

With our analysis, the client was able to determine a fair sales price for the pharmacy license, aligning with current market values and facilitating a successful transaction.

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