Official energy certificate

Your energy certificate quickly and easily

We provide you with a report in which we provide important information that will help you reduce your energy costs and, therefore, save money on your electricity bill.

Indicates the address or cadastral reference of the property.

Energy certification of buildings

Why do I need an energy certificate?

Sale or lease

In a sale and purchase process or when you want to sell or rent a property, premises or building, not having the energy certificate can result in a fine of up to €6,000.

Reduce consumption

The certificate proposes improvement measures (renovations, changes in installations...) to make your property more comfortable, reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

Process grant

If you have carried out renovations and want to apply for a subsidy, this document allows you to officially justify what the previous level of demand/consumption was and how much it has been reduced after the renovation.


The energy certificate is valid for a maximum of 10 years and the owners are responsible for its renewal.

Energy certification is mandatory for all properties that are marketed, sold or rented.

It is important to request your own Energy Certificate

Obtaining your own Energy Certificate allows you to ensure that the document is unbiased and accurately reflects the energy efficiency of the property.

If you rely on the certificate provided by the seller, there is a risk that it may be biased to present a more favorable image of the property.

With Tinsa's guarantee

How to apply for an energy certificate for a house?

Request your energy certificate quickly and securely in 3 easy steps through our online process.


Complete the form

We will ask you for the location of the property. You will get an estimate and you will be able to start the process immediately.


Visit and inspection of the property

Within 24/48 hours, our technician will contact you to coordinate the visit and inspection of the property.


Mailing of the report

Our team of experts will verify all the information to ensure the accuracy of the data and will deliver your energy certificate by email.

Energy efficiency labels

What does the rating mean?

The energy certificate classifies a building on a scale of energy efficiency using labels ranging from letter A to letter G, with letter A being the most efficient and G the least efficient. Find out what the result of your certificate means!

Exceptional energy efficiency, with minimum consumption.
High level of efficiency, with remarkably low energy consumption.
Satisfactory level of energy efficiency.
Moderate efficiency, with consumption slightly above standard.
Low efficiency, with significantly higher energy consumption.
Very low efficiency, with considerably high energy consumption.
Minimum efficiency, with very high energy consumption.
You can improve your CEE result by making a series of changes to your property. Depending on the magnitude of the change you can improve 1, 2, 3 or more levels in your certificate.

Find out if your home is energy efficient and how to optimize its consumption

The energy certificate (EEC) is a document that allows you to demonstrate to a buyer or tenant the energy consumption and efficiency of your property.

It also provides information on how to reduce energy costs and how to apply for grants for renovations to improve the energy profile of the house.

Suggestions to improve your ranking

Can I improve my energy certificate rating?

You can improve your CEE result by making a series of changes to your property. Depending on the magnitude of the change you will improve 1, 2, 3 or more levels in your certificate. We show you an example of a rating improvement in the case of receiving a certification result of type F:

The rating could be improved by one level by carrying out insulation work on facades, roofs and changing carpentry.
Modifying the existing air conditioning system, eliminating, for example, installations using gas type fuels.
Performing a comprehensive rehabilitation of insulation and replacement of air conditioning installations.

Specialized in energy certification

Technical rigor

Our professionals carry out precise measurements and analyses to guarantee the effectiveness of possible improvement actions and the accreditation of savings in subsidies.

On-site visit and measurements

Our energy certifiers visit the property to carry out verifications and measurements in person.

Experience and market leadership

Tinsa has performed more than 100,000 energy certifications since 2013 and has an extensive network of specialized technicians throughout the country.

Registration in the corresponding autonomous community

Tinsa is in charge of registering the energy certificate in the official registry of the autonomous community.

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