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Tasación Oficial de Viviendas ¿Necesitas una tasación oficial de viviendas para garantía hipotecaria, reparto de herencias o asesoramiento en compraventas? Ahora puedes solicitarla y pagarla totalmente online desde 180€. Un nuevo proceso con el que podrás tener la tasación en un plazo de tiempo menor y con la garantía de Tinsa, la compañía líder del mercado. La tasación oficial de viviendas que puedes comprar online está regulada por el Banco de España bajo la norma ECO/805/2003 que obliga a cumplir diversas condiciones para que la tasación sea homologada 180.00 Tasación Oficial de Viviendas

1. Property location

Enter the location of the property and make sure that it corresponds to the location on the map. Remember that you can move the marker and position it where appropriate.

Suggestion: you can drag the marker to the exact location of the property.

Buying online you will have a 15% discount

What do you need an appraisal?

The financial institution requires you to that inputs a appraisal, since it is mandatory if you want to apply for a mortgage loan.

Because you have doubts about the price of a property and want an expert to help you. Thus you will have arguments before a possible negotiation. If you are the seller, pricing you order on reasonable offer price to achieve a quick sale of the property.

It is necessary to value the assets in a situation of Division of inheritance or a settlement of community property

Why choose Tinsa for make your appraisal?

  • We are the leading appraisal company in the real estate market.
  • We carry out more than 200,000 reports per year in Spain.
  • Our appraisals are accepted by all financial institutions.
  • Our technical network is the largest in the sector with more than 1,300 technicians.
  • This is the documentation you will need to provide for our specialist:
    • The cadastral reference of the property.
    • Nota simple registral con menos de 3 meses de antigüedad o copia de la escritura de la propiedad registrada. Puedes solicitarla online directamente en Tinsa haciendo click aquí.
    • A plan of the property (optional).
    • If there should be an encumbrance (usufruct, usage rights, option to buy, etc.), or a legal limitation (VPO) on the property, the client must inform the specialist of this, and provide documentation to support it.
    • If the property is leased or its use granted to a third party, the client must provide the contract showing the terms of the lease or cession, and the latest rent receipt.
    More information of your interest
    • You will receive the appraisal report directly to the email address you use for registration, in PDF format and digitally signed. Likewise we remind you that we have a digital signature validation service and another that lets you validate the report and download it again.
    • Now you can know some of the appraisals we have made in your area.
    • Only in Tinsa you can know in real time the status of a job.
    • Our appraisals are performed under regulation 805/ECO/2003 which requires to comply with several conditions: the appraiser has to visit the property, make the plane taking the measurements of each room and make the corresponding photographs, in the appraisal document must attach 6 witnesses of real transactions in the area, identify that the registry property that you are mortgaging is correct and corroborate the planning situation of the property to check that no illegality there is.
    • Both the storage and the parking place will be in the same building where the property is located. In the event that they have different Scriptures owner must be the same as the housing.
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