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A global commitment

Tinsa has always been especially concerned with taking on issues regarding Corporate responsibility, seeing it as an obligation in the development of its business activities. A commitment to society and its individual members drives programmes and activities included in the organisation’s corporate culture, and applied in all its areas and services.

Since its start-up, the principle that has inspired its activity is responsibility and transparency, a commitment undertaken by all the interest groups linked to the company: Year after year we have developed policies and actions that intensify this commitment, endeavouring to return to society part of what it contributes to the growth and development of the company.

A society undergoing constant change and evolution, and at an ever increasing speed, requires special attention to detect those changes that intervene in the reorientation of established policies, adapting these to the new needs and demands derived from the interest groups that interact with the company.

Commitment to our clients

In an increasingly competitive market, Tinsa is clearly committed to the quality of its services, having received an AENOR certificate which complies with the Standard UNE-EN-ISO- 9001:2000.

Our concept of quality goes beyond the procedures and regulations of the standard, making up part of the business culture of the company and reaching its employees. The implementation of operating regulations that seek to guarantee client satisfaction includes various auditing procedures which reinforce the demands of the quality systems that have been set up.

Fortunately, the clients themselves reward us year after year with their loyalty to our brand.

With the goal of improving the services we provide to our clients and satisfying their interests, we offer the Client Voice Service.

This was launched in order to attend to and resolve the complaints and claims presented by our clients, complying with the stipulations of Additional Provision Two of Ministerial Order ECO/734/2004 of 11 March, on customer care departments and services and the customer ombudsman in financial institutions. To do this, the corresponding procedures for the processing of incidents and claims have been put in place, as well as Client Protection Regulations.

Commitment to the environment

Our commitment to the environment is reinforced by the implementation of the environmental management system, complying with the Standard UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004, with the corresponding certificate obtained in 2008.

We are convinced that by guaranteeing environmentally responsible behaviour, the benefits can be seen in nature, for workers and in the community as a whole in which we are active.

In this context, in September 2008 Tinsa unveiled a photovoltaic solar installation at its headquarters in Madrid with 344 solar modules, designed and installed by the company itself.

Tinsa’s environmental commitment has reached all of its employees through the Best Environmental Practices Guide, edited by our Environment Area, with the title: “In This Company we are Going Green”. It includes measures aimed at achieving sustainable development while protecting and improving the environment through actions generated both at work and in our family life.

As part of this commitment, Tinsa is collaborating in the Canal de Isabel II’s initiative “Join our Water Goals” in the Madrid region.

Commitment to our employees

Professionals working at Tinsa are the company’s main asset, making up the fundamental element needed to offer services to clients and the basis for their growth and development.

There are a series of basic points regarding this concept integrated into the business culture of Tinsa.

  • Occupational accident prevention through the existence of an occupational safety protocol.
  • Employee economic assistance programmes with loans at 0% interest.
  • Existence of an internal employee communication channel for processing various types of information, including offers for leisure and well-being activities, as well as others which may be of interest.

Tinsa has combined its intense activity and growth with a continued policy of sales and technical training for its teams in areas which can improve client services. Training such an extensive staff distributed both internationally and throughout Spain is not an easy task, but is achieved through over 50 training programmes annually.

Commitment to society

Our business policy has always included the idea that any knowledge acquired through our professional experience should have a counterpart in the society of which our company is part.

Undoubtedly, a way of doing this is making our know-how available to the public. In this context, Tinsa collaborates with the Centro Superior de Edificación de la Fundación Antonio Camuñas (Building Construction School of the Antonio Camuñas Foundation), sponsoring and forming part of the management committee of the advanced real estate valuation and analysis course (CVT). The qualification obtained is awarded by the Centro Superior de Edificación (CSE) and is recognised by the European University of Madrid (UEM).

Our commitment to education culminates in the Tinsa Real Estate Training Modules, every year made up of topics concerning real estate valuation and current events.

  • Real estate valuation for valuation users
  • Notions of urban planning
  • Valuation of plots and sites
  • Analysis of property development financing
  • Real estate situation

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