Now you can purchase your appraisal online for a mortgage guarantee, advisory purposes or for distribution of inheritances, starting at €250.

Statistical home

Stima is an estimate of the value of a home, calculated using a statistical model based on real appraisals, and starting at €8.

Energy efficiency certifications

Purchase the energy efficiency certification and take advantage of the new flat rate for residential properties, commercial premises and offices, starting at 75 €.

IMIE LOCAL MARKETS – 4th quarter of 2015

See the full reportThe average housing price in Spain increased by 1% in the last year, driven by gains of over 2% in the autonomous regions of Catalonia, Madrid and the Balearic Islands.

Tinsa Professionals

A group of professionals focused on understanding its clients’ needs and offering customised services.

Person Name Adrián Martínez Technical Manager
Adrián Martínez Technical Manager

An architect by training, in addition to enjoying music, drawing and travel, Adrián has a passion for architectural restoration. After dedicating a decade to the restoration of historical monuments, he studied a Master’s degree in real estate business and started carrying out market and financial analyses to find the best use of these properties in […]

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Person Name Miriam Pizarro Controller
Miriam Pizarro Controller

As head of Management Control in Tinsa’s accounting department in Madrid, Miriam Pizarro is responsible for coordinating annual budget preparation, controlling its development and creating reports to support strategic decision making. She has a large family, with twin boys and three dogs, as well as a past on wheels. She played in-line hockey, a sport […]

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Person Name Andres Lorente Director of the Land Area
Andres Lorente Director of the Land Area

Asturian by birth and adopted by Cartagena, Andrés Lorente has been a member of the Tinsa team since 1991, where he began as a technician for the areas of Andalusia, Murcia, Extremadura and the Canary Islands. He is an urban architect and a member of RICS. He also holds a Master’s degree in Urban Planning […]

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Person Name Haydee Mayo Control and Valuation Staff
Haydee Mayo Control and Valuation Staff

Haydee is known for having an in-depth knowledge of valuation standards. She is in charge of compiling and disseminating information in an interesting yet simple way to the Control area and Valuation Staff in the Mexican subsidiary. She took part in drafting the document “Valuation of Housing: Best Practices”, a compilation of existing valuation standards […]

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