Bonos Stima y Stima Premium Si usted es un usuario habitual de Stima, puede beneficiarse de un descuento especial contratando una de nuestras opciones de bonos, en función de sus necesidades. Al finalizar la compra recibirás en tu correo electrónico el código para poder disfrutar del descuento por la compra de bonos de Stima y Stima Premium. Recuerda: cada paquete deberá consumirse en los 12 meses siguientes a la fecha de contratación. 68.00 Bonos Stima y Stima Premium

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Quantity discount

Value several homes at a discount. Buy a Stima packs and save up to 35% on Stima and Stima Premium.

1 year of service

Regardless of the Stima pack, you have 12 months to request the reports.

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Choose the one you want. Our packs range from 10 to 50 reports of Stima or Stima Premium


Stima is an automatic valuation of homes that allows you to immediately know the estimated market value of a home.


In addition to all the data that Stima offers, you will obtain the evolution of the price of housing in recent years and information about housing stock in the area.

How does Stima work?

Stima is an automatic valuation that offers the estimated value of a home using mathematical models based on real estate database. Visit Stima, online property valuation if you only need one valuation and know better its operation.

If you use Stima often, you can enjoy a special discount with our voucher pack options to suit your needs.

When you finalise your purchase, you will receive an e-mail with a code for a discount on Stima and Stima Premium voucher packs. Remember: each voucher pack should be used within 12 months of purchase.

DescriptionDiscountUnit priceTotal VAT included
Pack 10 Stima15%6,8€68€
Pack 20 Stima20%6,4€128€
Pack 30 Stima25%6€180€
Pack 40 Stima30%5,6€224€
Pack 50 Stima35%5,2€260€
DescriptionDiscountUnit priceTotal VAT included
Pack 10 Stima Premium15%15,3€153€
Pack 20 Stima Premium20%14,4€288€
Pack 30 Stima Premium25%13,5€405€
Pack 40 Stima Premium30%12,6€504€
Pack 50 Stima Premium35%11,7€585€
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