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We are an international group

Tinsa International

One of Tinsa's aims is to expand abroad - we have branches in 7 countries and provide services in more than 25. Reed more

Management Team

A management team focused on understanding its clients' needs and offering customised services. Reed more

Local Offices in Spain

Tinsa has over 1,200 valuation experts and local offices strategically located throughout the country. Reed more

We are an international group present in Europe and Latin America, and have vast experience with foreign investors. We operate in over 25 countries.

Tinsa International

International expansion is one of Tinsa's strategic objectives. The company began its geographical diversification in 1999 and expanded its operations through subsidiary companies and collaboration agreements in over 25 countries in Europe and the Americas.

Foreign markets have become increasingly important in recent years. Some 20% of Tinsa’s 2014 income came from international markets, compared to 5% in 2010.

Además de oficinas en España y Portugal, Tinsa tiene sede en los principales países de Latinoamérica: Chile, México, Argentina, Perú, Colombia y Ecuador, donde despliega una importante actividad en el área de consultoría, valoración e inventario de activos. Al igual que en España, los informes sectoriales y de coyuntura que Tinsa publica en todos estos países son considerados una referencia para el análisis del mercado inmobiliario local.

The company is firmly established in mature markets such as Chile, Mexico and Argentina. Tinsa Chile, which undertakes over 25,000 valuations annually, was awarded Best Consultant and Valuation Advisor by the UK magazine Euromoney in 2013. The publication also awarded this title to Tinsa Mexico in 2014.

Tinsa, which is also positioned in areas of great growth potential such as Peru and Colombia, continues to analyse possible opportunities for international growth in order to secure its leadership role among independent valuation experts in Europe and Latin America.

Tinsa continues to analyse possible opportunities for international expansion by focusing on Eastern Europe and emerging markets.

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