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We are an international group

Tinsa international

International expansion is one of Tinsa’s main objectives. We have offices in eight countries and offer services in 25. Read more

Board of directors

A board of directors geared towards understanding client needs and offering personalised services. Read more

Delegations in Spain

Tinsa has over 1,200 valuers and delegations strategically located throughout the country. Read more

We are an international group present in Europe and Latin America, and have vast experience with foreign investors. We are active in over 25 countries.

International expansion is one of Tinsa’s strategic objectives. The company began its geographical diversification in 1999 and expanded its operations through subsidiary companies and collaboration agreements in over 25 countries in Europe and the Americas. Foreign markets have become increasingly important in recent years. More than 20% of Tinsa’s income came from international markets.

In addition to its offices in Spain, Portugal and Holland, Tinsa has headquarters in the main Latin American countries: Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia and in Africa where it provides a significant amount of consultancy, valuation and asset inventory services. As is the case in Spain, the industry and economic reports published by Tinsa in all these countries are considered to be prime reference sources for analysing the real estate market.

Tinsa continues to analyse possible opportunities for international expansion in order to consolidate its leading position as the largest independent valuator in Europe and Latin America.

2010 Valuators

305041 Valuations

10 Sedes

25 Countries

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