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Outlook Reports in Latin America: INCOIN

INCOIN is a detailed, unique and exclusive analysis of the sector, which combines all the information about the real estate market based on a census that is monitored and updated every quarter. Normally these types of reports are based on extrapolations and do not offer comprehensive coverage of the city. INCOIN contains all the information for all the projects for sale.

Purpose of the Report

To understand, identify and quantify the performance of the principal variables that influence the real estate market in the short and medium term.

To became a useful tool for understanding and interpreting the trends in the real estate market.

Contents of the Report:

Variables by type: commercial values, unit value, sale velocities, units sold, available stock, usable floor areas, parking spaces, absorption period of unsold stock, failed transaction rate.

Variables by project: types of products, initial stock, number of phases, construction quality, status of projects, number of garage spaces, floors areas associated with the project, discount policies.

Existing data by project: approximately 300 data fields per project.

INCOIN has become an indicator for the state of the residential market for new properties in Latin America and a useful and reliable tool for making decisions in relation to undertaking projects or making investments.