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Contaminated Land

Inadequate storage and management conditions in industrial processes can lead to component leaks that accumulate in the ground. This has given rise to a relatively new environmental factor known as contaminated land. This is understood to mean land where the original characteristics have been altered as a result of human activity and where the new conditions could pose potential risks to health and the environment.

The Environment Ministry,  through RD  9/2005 of 14 January, which establishes a list of potentially land-polluting activities and the criteria and standards for declaring contaminated land, has established a list of activities that could cause land contamination, set out in Annex I of the Act.

  • Producing the Preliminary Status Report in accordance with RD. 9/2005 - Gathering all the information required in order to produce said report.
  • Analytical characterisation studies of land - Designing a sampling campaign and analysis parameters. Historical record evaluation.
  • Land decontamination projects and economic valuation


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