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Expropriation Procedures

Tinsa provides services for the whole of the expropriation process, covering the various specialised tasks involved:

Processing of the expropriation procedure and valuation:

Preparation of deeds and certificates prior to occupation.
Occupation Certificate.
Valuation and appraisal report.

Assistance for affected private individuals

The appropriate question to ask is… Is the offer being made for the expropriation correct? Tinsa seeks to resolve this issue and therefore offers its experience in valuations of forced expropriations. Furthermore it offers the possibility of analysing whether the offer is in the client's interests, at no cost.
Property appraisals: Quantification of the fair compensation of assets and rights, including legal and/or case law justification of the valuation methods used.

Calculation of compensation for:

  1. Land
  2. Buildings and all other elements separate from the affected land
  3. Transfers or termination of affected activities
  4. Termination of urban and/or rural lease rights
  5. Loss of building rights
  6. Ownership rights
  7. Woodland species
  8. Outstanding crops
  9. Compensation for damages as a result of partial expropriation
  10. Any other type of applicable compensation
  11. Revaluation, reversals

Valuation reports of assets and rights necessary for drafting a Compensation/Rezoning Project:

Valuation of assets and rights within the scope of Compensation Boards, for the calculation of compensation (with legal and case law support), facilitating the drafting of Compensation/Rezoning Projects, by incorporating the preliminary objective assessment of compensation for incompatible assets and rights into the project.

Drafting joint valuation projects for municipal administrations in cases of urban expropriations.