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Property Valuation

Request a quote for the valuation of any type of property: residential, garage, land, shop, etc. and we will contact you within 24 hours.

The valuation will be carried out by a professional who will personally inspect the subject property.

With Tinsa, you have the guarantee of the leading company in this sector in Spain, which carried out more than 250,000 valuations in 2011. Its valuations are accepted by nearly all financial institutions operating in Spain when you apply for a mortgage.

Benefit from the coverage of our 32 offices and more than 1.200 professionals distributed across the country, with knowledge of all the unique characteristics of each local market.

Carrying out this type of valuation allows you to:

  • Know the value of a property and therefore adjust its price.
  • Analyse those elements that are most important when setting the price of a property with the professional carrying out the valuation.
  • Verify specific aspects of the valued property that are fundamental to decision-making: property, floor-area, condition, etc.

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